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The Rereaders on Transformers 4, Pitch Bitch and Eterni.me

July 6, 2014

In this week’s podcast we look at the billion dollar epic destruction porn blockbuster Transformers 4 that looks set to enter the top 5 highest grossing films of all time. Then we discuss Pitch Bitch, a new initiative aimed to encourage women writers to submit more regularly and confidently pitch their work for publication. And […]

The Rereaders on James Franco’s Bungalow 89, The Witches and Literary Cliques

June 22, 2014

In this week’s podcast we talk James Franco’s latest short story published on Vice.com, which has pushed Gawker to claim that he’s single-handedly ruining literature. Then we head to the Malthouse Theatre’s new one-man adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic The Witches. Before we look at the idea of the literary clique and their impact on the Australian scene.

The Rereaders on Under The Skin, The Emporium and Sia’s Chandelier

June 8, 2014

In this week’s podcast we talk about Jonathan Glazer’s seductive new film Under The Skin. Then we explore Melbourne’s new shopping complex The Emporium and the concept of the contemporary shopping centre, before taking a listen to Sia’s smash hit single Chandelier and reading her anti-fame manifesto.