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The ReReaders on Prince, Tommorrow When The War Began and Invasion of the Pod People

May 13, 2016

In this week’s podcast, we mourn the passing of the purple one – music icon Prince. Then we watch the ABC’s new adaptation of John Marsden’s classic Young Adult series ‘Tomorrow When the War Began’. Finally, we listen to The Mystery Show and Reply All, coming soon to Australia thanks to the Wheeler Centre’s new program.

The ReReaders on Pawno, Luke Warm Sex and Game Changers

April 22, 2016

In this week’s podcast we watch ‘Pawno’, a new, independent Australian film set in a pawn shop in Melbourne’s Footscray. Then we watch Luke Warm Sex, a new ABC documentary series from local comedian Luke McGregor as he explores his own sexual trepidations. Finally, we chat to author Dan Golding about his co-authored non-fiction book ‘Game Changers’, looking at Gamergate and misogyny in the video game industry.

The ReReaders MQFF Special

April 5, 2016

In this week’s podcast we go to the Melbourne Queer Film Festival. First, we look at Chemsex, the VICE media documentary peering into the “party and play” scene among gay men in the UK. Then we go to the crumbling Euro-chic mansions of Peter Strickland’s critically acclaimed The Duke of Burgundy, a Sapphic, sadomasochistic psychological romance. And finally we experience the New New Queer Cinema of Closet Monster, the much hailed debut from Canadian newcomer Stephen Dunn, which combines queer coming-of-age, Cronenbergian body horror and a pet hamster voiced by Isabella Rossellini.