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The Rereaders Episode 68: Aussie Oscars, Good Game and Hans Zimmer

February 23, 2017

In this week’s podcast we are joined by guest critics Leena van Deventer and Dan Golding. We talk about the Australians heading to the Oscars ceremony and their chances up against the seemingly unstoppable (and certainly inescapable) La La Land. Then we look at the ABC’s recent axing of their video game program Good Game, and finally we listen to the music of Hans Zimmer ahead of his upcoming tour of Australia.



Links to pieces discussed:

Screen Australia congratulates the 2017 Australian Academy Awards nominees.

Mel’s review of Lion over at Junkee.

Dan Golding’s Goodbye to Good Game.

Hans Zimmer’s Australian tour.

Dan’s video essay about Hans Zimmer’s music.


Mel recommends The Last of the Wine, by Mary Renault.

Sam recommends the I’m Not There¬†soundtrack.

Dan recommends Charles Ives’ The Unanswered Question.

Leena recommends Gimlet’s Sampler podcast – in particular #16, Yikes!